Seller’s Guide

Whether you are interested in selling a condo, townhome, single detached home or an estate mansion, we have the tools and experience to ensure a smooth and seamless real estate transaction. Our record speaks volumes! Our reputation speaks volumes!

With the aim of providing exceptional real estate services, Darshan Gurttita Real Estate Inc. is comprised of dedicated professionals who ensure every client is completely satisfied.

1st Step : What to Offer

When you decide to sell you home, make sure you make an offer which would be equally profitable for you. Hence you must make some considerations as when you are going to sell as this also put a major impact on your sale. Before making an offer to agent or listing the property enhance the appeal of your house. Refurbishment of house or new paint on walls are the ways for getting better deal.

You must conduct home inspections as it will put positive impact on buyer and it will definitely impress them. If any many problems are found just reapir them so that it can not turn into any unpleasant surprises.

2nd Step: Hire a Property Agent

There are a large number of property agents, picking up one can be a hard task and figuring out the best one can be more hectic.

You should be careful at the moment of choosing and make sure they acting as reprentative from your behalf. Additionally, the chosen agent should be aware of your requirements and understand your aspirations.

Few Tips to find out Perfect Realtor:

  • Get recommendation from friends and family
  • Explore the locals
  • Note down the names which can help to achieve desired result.

Remember always, a great agent is that who offers quality services and ensure every client is completely satisfied.

3rd Step: Make Listing of your Home

Whenever you find the best real estate agent, they will do listing of your home. They will set the selling price and will do marketing through various media outlets such as blogs, social media and their websites.
They may conduct photography at your place so that there can be no flaw in showcasing the potential of home. Then they might post pictures of images on Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

4th Step: Getting an Offer

Firstly, you must figure out the parts of home which need renovations because buyer will go into detail and try to compensate the price even because of the small flaws in home. Moreover, when your are getting the offer look at the details that are included in sale. Sometimes, closing dates mentioned by buyer may be specified as shorter or longer time.
If there is something in offer which dis-satisfy you try to consult with real estate agent again and explain your offer or negotiations. It will help you to get what you actually want.

5th Step: Close the Deal

There will be costs like mortgage application fees, inspections and legal fees which is required to pay on the day of closing the deal. Once you paid all the bills, you can offer the keys of your old house to your buyer.
Congratulations, you sold your house!

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