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Property buy sell and rent service in Cambodia

Firstly you must know that what you want in your house. List of the things you simply can’t live without, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and your family needs or storage needs. You should also know about the market condition.

There are many factor when you are choosing the area to live. And don’t forget the nearest parks, grocery stores, school and hospitals. We will be able to inform you of property values in the area. We are hear for the great help in all of these things.

When you are deciding to sell the house you must choose an experienced agent. There are a lot of ways you can add value. The major thing in the house is renovation. Renovation like installation of kitchen, bathroom and the bed rooms. Before doing this things you must know about the selling price of your properties. The first impression of your house is very important. So you should take care about the all things.

Transparency between the agent and the customer is very important. For the best deal you should know about your agent. Our team can help by doing a complete property profile of your house, including current condition, location, surroundings, special features like a view from the property or high ceilings. When you feel you are going to be able to come to terms, only then accept the offer.