Avoid money pit

The 6 Expensive Repairs that must be Avoided

When someone is considering to buy a new house, they think serious defects can be easily spotted out. But, some of serious and costly problems need close inspection.

1. Ceiling

Issues such as leaks in ceiling are hard to figure as it can not detected at very first stage. You can detect this common problem if you see any water marks in roof.

2. Pluming System

Water supply is very vital for any person whether you are going to be owner of condo or house. Therefore, make a note about checking both water systems: first which brings fresh water supply and second system which takes sewage out are functioning well before signing any deal.

3. Electric Supply

Before buying any house which is occupied by all required amenities as means of electricity according to your choice, make sure to check all appliances if they are in working condition or not.

4. Heating and Cooling Sytems

You must check if the heating or cooling systems are in working condition so that you do not regret in future.

5. Paint and Signs of Rotting

The condition of paint from inside and outside of the home can uncover many things about material used. You must check several walls inside the house.

6. Cracks in Walls or Interiors

You must check the walls and doors if they are well functioning. Because there may be cracks in walls and door which do not closed properly that can cause many problems. A bad foundation can lead to disaster so must check if there are any uneven floors.

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